Streamline management in complex industries with
complex assets in a regulatory environment.

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Automated and User-Friendly

The aviation, space, maritime, rail, construction, energy, and manufacturing industries share the burden of capital-intensive assets that are almost mind-boggling complex to manage. Fortunately, BlueHive compliance management makes a user-friendly cloud ERP solution within reach. Harnessing the proven power of Salesforce as a native app, BlueHive provides an almost immediate return on investment.

BlueHive ERP next-level compliance technology for aviation/aerospace, an intuitive interface easy for all workers to embrace.


BlueHive ERP brings next-level compliance technology to wind and other energies.


BlueHive ERP brings next-level compliance technology to rail.



BlueHive ERP brings next-level compliance technology to construction.


Single Solution

If you are engaged in manufacturing, operation, or MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), then BlueHive is the single solution you’ve been needing. It streamlines every aspect of these expensive assets through intelligent workflow technology, resource planning software, and maximizes their profitable lifecycle, from manufacturing, to maintenance, to retirement. More than just an MRO software solution, BlueHive’s cloud ERP solutions offer an end-to-end benefit for multiple industries.

Reduces Paperwork

Beyond just a one-size-fits-all solution, BlueHive has taken industry customization seriously to reduce the paperwork burden on frontline workers, for efficiency in a regulatory environment through the use of compliance management functionality. (And, we dare say, a happier frontline team.) That level of detail is built into every function in BlueHive, to provide intuitive and designed simplicity at the user level.

Beyond Aerospace

While aerospace and aviation management is the original DNA of BlueHive, it’s only the beginning. Capital-intensive assets such as ships, trains, robots, wind turbines, and cranes can also all be managed in a much more streamlined and transparent environment to deliver efficiency far beyond your current software environment. BlueHive’s cloud ERP solution is being customized to provide the same benefits to these other industries.

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One of the best things about BlueHive is that integration into your existing corporate "hive" of departments and functions is innately simple. Whether you are using certain BlueHive modules to augment your current solutions, or want our turnkey ERP, you'll find BlueHive may be implemented in weeks, not years or months, without undue lost time (or gnashing of teeth).

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