BlueHive ERP Software drives Customer Success – teamwork, efficiency, transparency, and profit.

BlueHive’s ERP software is an SaaS solution that includes CMMS for a seamless end-to-end integration.

Simplify & streamline your workflow with BlueHive. Built as a native app, BlueHive is integrated into a proven workflow technology ecosystem with millions of installations and thousands of customer reviews. It gives our customers a proven platform to engage their workforce, customers and vendors, streamline resource and workflow management to next-gen levels of efficiency, get accurate real-time data about the financial health of the entire company, and increase their own sales and profits.

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BlueHive ERP Software improves
the worklife of all your stakeholders.

BlueHive is an SaaS ERP solution sold by subscriber seat, with free upgrades and maintenance, and all subscriptions include integrative functionality of various vertical modules. There are three types of subscription licenses, for management, front line, and customer/vendors.

Available SaaS licenses are Platform, Worx and Community, offering flexibility to meet our customers’ needs and further increase their return on investment.


The most robust and complete are BlueHive ERP software Platform user licenses, which give management full access to all data (information can be restriction as appropriate per user) so they can make real-time-informed decisions that affect the financial health of the entire company. Management can see at a glance the health of the overall system, where changes have occurred, and how things are proceeding either ahead or behind in both time and money (earned value management, or EVM). This allows for real data in real time, with the very real benefit of far better and timely decision making.


With BlueHive ERP software Worx user licenses, your team on the front line, whether they be in manufacturing, maintenance, or operations, get to spend far less time on paperwork, and more time on their productive craft. No one likes paperwork, and getting rid of most of it is a boost to both productivity and morale. BlueHive ERP Software Worx provides time tracking, task management, report generation, and other day-to-day work elements, within a beautifully intuitive interface that your frontline team will easily embrace, rather than ignore or try to work around (like many other systems).


BlueHive ERP software Community user licenses give our customers’ customers and vendors access to the data they need to make their own business decisions, such as project status, approval process and change management. Choosing to deploy BlueHive has downstream benefits to your own customers’ success (which further improves your bottom line with sales). Your own answers will be so clear and instantly achievable, you can in turn keep your customers apprised of developments so you’re never forced to keep them in the dark while you try to wrangle data into a concise and realistic expectation.

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