BlueHive’s ERP software will quickly make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Key Benefits of BlueHive

Simple, effective, proven, and affordable ERP software:

    • proven platform.

    • An intuitive user interface your
      team will willingly embrace.

    • A known low monthly cost, zero maintenance and upgrade fees.

    • Installs in weeks, not months or years, to provide ROI almost immediately.

    • Easily integrates with other systems.

    • Cloud-based, so works the same everywhere, globally.

    Increases team productivity through ERP technologies:

    • Minimal IT resources required.

    • Go as paperless as you desire.

    • Configurable work flow to
      match existing processes and/or
      continuous improvement initiatives.

    • Instantly transmits need for inspection or change approval.

    • Worldwide access for users for nimble geographic flexibility.

    • Leverages digital communications to speed efficiency.

    Solutions for Every Member of Your Team

    The lynchpin that holds this statement together is that BlueHive answers the needs of every member of your team, easily and intuitively through its CMMS software (computerized maintenance management system). Maintenance and manufacturing team members want whatever ERP software they have to use to “just work,” so they don’t get bogged down in record-keeping. Operations and MRO management teams want the whole system to work like a well-oiled machine, minimizing the inevitable changes, delays, and other challenges that can derail a schedule. Finance people want to know the real and total cost of assets, lifecycles, and events, and they need that number to be always current. Top management needs actionable, reliable, real-time data, in order to make better decisions for the health and future path of the company, and improve shareholder returns.

    Welcome to BlueHive, the ERP solution where we have answered every one of those needs. Way more than just a CMMS or MRP or EAM, it’s the level-up you need right now to achieve productivity gains in the next two months.

    Seamlessly manages complexity to streamline efficiency through workflow management:

    • Coordinated change management.

    • Sophisticated management of critical path issues.

    • Transparency and real-time real data.

    • Built-in workflow and issues-management processes.

    Increases returns to your stake- and shareholders.

    • Maximizes return on capital assets throughout lifecycle.

    • Improves your own customer communications for better CRM.

    • Win more contracts by being FAA digital mandate-compliant.