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BlueHive ERP makes the hard work, easier.

If your business involves expensive, highly-regulated assets such as airplanes, ships, cranes, robots and the like, whether you’re the manufacturer, MRO, or operator, BlueHive’s cloud ERP is a management solution that will next-level your efficiency throughout your company and teams.

What BlueHive Does

BlueHive is a single cloud ERP solution that seamlessly integrates project, change, and earned value management, reporting needs, comprehensive cost accounting and more. Management easily gets actionable data at any time, while the frontline team has an intuitive interface to quickly provide accurate input, and your customers receive clear and consistent communications enabling their business to run better. All with just one software that your company can switch to in just a few weeks, without long training. Get the Details

BlueHive cloud ERP is intuitive, and easily embraced by everyone on your team.

Who Needs BlueHive?

It’s ideal for any business that needs to manage the lifecycle of expensive assets, most especially those with regulatory oversight – think transportation, energy, and construction — for manufacturers, MRO providers, and operators. BlueHive provides a turnkey total cloud ERP solution, but vertical elements of it can also be nimbly deployed alongside your current legacy CMMS / EAM to fill any gaps you may have. If your company is buried in paper, misses opportunities, and has inefficient breaks in workflow, you need BlueHive. Industries


BlueHive is native to the Force.com platform, so it offers enormous capability and proven stability, security, redundancy and storage underpinning the programming. Millions of downloads and thousands of positive reviews attest to the power of the Force.com technology platform. Before becoming a native app on the platform, BlueHive’s cloud ERP had to pass a rigorous line-by-line security review of all coding, so you can be sure BlueHive offers the highest level of security for your company and records. How It All Started

BlueHive cloud ERP is native to Force.com, offering enormous capabilities, proven stability, security, redundancy, & storage.
BlueHive cloud ERP brings affordability and ease of use to workflow management and compliance technology.

Simple and Affordable

BlueHive is affordable to buy, with simple SaaS per-user subscriptions for every size organization to deploy cost-effectively. Once purchased, you’ll find it easy to integrate, either through our team for a one-time setup cost, or via your internal IT and operations teams. Once deployed throughout your company, you’ll find your employees have an intuitive, productivity-boosting experience – it truly does level-up your company’s efficiency, thereby adding money back to your bottom line and providing concise, actionable business information. Per-User Subscriptions

Complexity Made Simple

We’re BlueHive, and we’ve lived in your shoes. We too were frustrated by the complexity involved in lifecycle management in a regulatory environment, and knew that there had to be a better way. So, we built it, utilizing our perspective as engineers, mechanics, and operations professionals to deliver an innovative cloud ERP software solution that you will appreciate as if you’d built it yourself. (Only, you didn’t have to build it yourself, which makes it even better.)

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